Allube Ltd was established 40 years ago. Former plumber, Peter Shiel started Allube out of his garage at his home in Yorkshire, back in 1980 with his wife Enid completing the administration duties. It is here that the current General Manager, Chris Wood joined him as a Lubrication Engineer taking on the first job of installing a lubrication system on a Refuse Truck. Chris has since become an integral part of the company.

After gaining many more orders, taking on more engineers and them outgrowing his garage, he moved the business in 1984 to a small office and lockup in Penistone. The company ran well for around 4 years but after taking on big projects the need for a workshop became more apparent.

The decision was then made to re-locate to a workshop in Deepcar. Enid had made the decision to retire before the move which resulted in the requirement for more office staff. The business grew from strength to strength and relationships with customers and suppliers were evolved, many of which they still deal with today.

In 1998, Allube moved to their current office and workshop on the Thorncliffe Industrial Park in Chapeltown. Since then they have built a great network with many companies that provide some of the best lubrication equipment on the market including SKF/Lincoln, Unist, Wymark and Dropsa.

A huge milestone for Allube was becoming one of the main distributors in the UK for Alemite lubrication equipment. Alemite celebrated their 100th Anniversary last year and Allube continue to promote their well-known quality equipment and have an incredible relationship with their team over in America.

After over 25 years of building the company, Peter took the decision to join Enid and retire. The General Manager position was given to Chris wood and the reins of the company were passed onto his Daughter, Louise Scanlan who had been with the company for a number of years prior as Administration Officer. Louise’s husband, John Scanlan had also joined the team in 2001 becoming the main Sales Engineer. Having worked for many years in the steel works he was and still is a great asset to the company.

Over the years Peter has grown the business into a leading company providing quality lubrication services and equipment throughout the UK as well as globally. This year Peter turned 80 years old and still takes a huge interest in the new technology and product developments within industry. Peter is still in regular touch with the business, ready to add his knowledge and experience to key decisions surrounding new business ventures.

’Today we are proud to celebrate 40 years as a well-known family business in the lubrication industry. We’d like to thank all of our customers and suppliers over the years for their continued support. As a family business we work hard to ensure that all employees are part of the Allube family. All of our current staff have been with us for a very long time and we hope to continue to grow as a business.’’ Louise Scanlan, Company Secretary.