Uni-Roller Systems

The winning combination of Unist’s patented Uni-Roller® and the programmable SPR-2000™ fluid controller provides metal stampers and roll formers with unparalleled precision for lubricating both coil and blank stock. Boasting a robust design and a patented method of dispensing the fluid inside the rolls, the Unist solution is designed to withstand harsh manufacturing environments while applying metal forming lubricants precisely and consistently.

  • Unist SPR-2000 Programmable Fluid Controller

    Unist SPR-2000 - The patented programmable fluid controller is the key component for reliably and accurately controlling the application of metal forming lubricants. Monitors critical parameters. Precision fluid control. Controls up to 22 outputs. Stores up to 250 different setups/jobs. Access code prevents tampering. Saves fluid: precisely controls fluid.

  • Unist SPR-2000-JR

    The patented Unist SPR-2000-JR programmable fluid controller was designed as a less costly alternative to the standard SPR-2000 programmable fluid controller. It can serve as the fluid control system for any application where only two outputs are required, including the following: A Uni-Roller Type S up to 18" (457mm) wide, A

  • Unist Uni-Roller® Type S

    The Unist Uni-Roller® Type S roller application systems are designed for consistent application of metal forming lubricant on coil stock. Based on the patented internally fed roller concept Unist pioneered in 1993, these systems are capable of evenly applying a broad range of fluids in nearly any quantity desired.

  • Unist Uni-Roller Type C

    The patented Unist Uni-Roller Type C lubricators were introduced in 1993 and have proven to be great performers over the years. They are the perfect solution for accurate roller application of fluids in operations with slower feed rates or where a less costly alternative to the Uni-Roller Type S system

  • Unist Powered Uni-Roller

    Unist Powered Uni-Roller application systems were designed specifically to evenly lubricate both sides of blanks or sheet stock. Standard systems incorporate the proven internally fed rollers and are available to coat blanks up to 70” (1778 mm) wide. Powered by a variable speed gear motor, systems are available in either

  • Unist Mini-Roller

    The Mini-Roller systems are designed specifically for coating thin and narrow coils. Available in both horizontal and vertical configurations in widths up to 4” (102 mm), the Mini-Roller™ uses 1.5” (38 mm) diameter rolls and a simple spring roller pressure arrangement in order to fit in confined spaces.