Industrial Pumps

  • Lincoln P203 Pump Lubrication Equipment

    Lincoln P203 Lubrication Pumps

    The Lincoln P203 centralized lubrication pump is a powerful and robust compact multi-line pump that can drive up to 3 elements and is used in progressive (Quicklub or Modular Lube) automated lubrication systems. They are perfect for mobile applications, small and medium sized machinery and general industries. (more…)

  • Lincoln P205 / P215 Lubrication Pumps

    The Lincoln P205 pump is a high-pressure multi-line pump that can operate up to 5 pump elements. The P215 pump can operate up to 15 pump elements.

  • Lincoln P215 / P230 Lubrication Pumps

    The Lincoln P215 centralized lubrication pump is a high pressure multi-line pump that can drive up to 15 adjustable pump elements and is used in progressive automated lubrication systems. It is capable of handling direct supply of lubrication points or as a central lubrication pump in large sized progressive systems. (more…)

  • Lincoln ZPU Pump Lubrication equipment

    Lincoln ZPU 01/02 Pump

    The Lincoln ZPU 01/02 high-pressure, high volume pumps can be used as a supply pump for small to midsize dual-line systems or for progressive systems. The pump is reliable and versatile.

  • Lincoln HJ 2 Pump

    The manually operated HJ 2 pump unit was developed to provide lubricant to points that do not require continuous lubrication. Suitable for use with dual-line or progressive systems. Available with left or right hand lever.