Pump Accessories

  • alemite bearing packers

    Alemite Bearing Packers

    We offer a range of bearing sizes with all different weights. Click to download the datasheet to find out more information.

  • Alemite drum covers

    Alemite Drum Covers | Durable

    Alemite Drum covers FEATURES: • Durable – made with heavy gauge steel • Drum cover flange provides rigidity and maintains solid position on drum • Pump mounts in center of cover, and 3 thumb screws clamp over drum rim • 324792-4 model allows side mounting, for use in lube trucks.

  • bung mounts

    Alemite Drum Covers – Bung Mounts

    Available in two sizes; 120 and 400lb drum. For Oil/Grease/Material

  • alemite follower plates

    Alemite Follower Plates

    Multiple drum sizes available to fit the different pumps. Click to download the data sheet to read more into the specifications of the products.

  • Alemite strainers

    Alemite Strainers – Lubricant

    Multiple products available for grease,oil and waste oil. See datasheet for more details.

  • pump tube

    Alemite Strainers – Pump Tube

    For Industial Heavy Duty Pumps & for Ram 9911, 9950, 9979 and 940 series, standard duty

  • Alemite Pump Hose Assemblies – Manual High Volume and Multi-Pressure

    Single wire braid construction Use with manual grease pump, high volume and multi-pressure bucket pumps

  • Alemite Pump Hose Assemblies -All Manual and High Pressure

    Alemite Pump Hose Assemblies - Use with all manual pumps, including high pressure manual bucket pumps, except for 6713-4.