Grimme Beetroot Topper – Automatic Lubrication System


The Problem

There are over 100 greasing points on this machine, which should be lubricated manually at least once every day, before the machine goes to work. This is to preserve all of the bearings on the machines rigorous progress around the beetroot fields.

As you will see from the images below, this is not very practical, when the machine becomes covered in debris from the topping process.

Customer Requirements

  1. To provide an automatic lubrication system that would be robust.
  2. To cover all lubrication points, with the exception of 3 rotary bearings.
  3. To group sets of bearings together on separate sections of the machine, to prevent damage when they are raised for transport.
  4. To provide adequate protection of the feed lines to prevent damage.

Our Solution

  1. The system is an electrically driven progressive grease system, where the pump has an integral controller, to time the lubrication cycles.
  2. Measured volumes of grease are delivered to each bearing, during each lubrication cycle.
  3. All mains tubing is high pressure polyamide hose.
  4. All bearing feed lines are 6mm OD polyamide high pressure semi-flexible tubing.

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