Oil Pneumatic


    Alemite Pneumatic RAM Oil Pumps – Stationary

    Alemite Stationary RAM Pumps deliver fast, quiet and efficient operation, and are rugged enough to handle challenging oil applications. RAM pumps are durable, and can operate at rates up to 20 gallons per minute.

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    Alemite Pneumatic RAM Oil Pumps – Portable

    This air-powered mobile gear oil pumps feature the exclusive Alemite RAM air motor for quiet operation and quick serviceability. Pump delivers up to 4 gal. of SAE 140-gear lube per minute at 150 PSI air pressure. Models include cover mounted pump, 5 1/2' delivery hose, electronic meter, (more…)

  • 8568-A4

    Alemite Pneumatic Oil Pumps / 8568-A4 – Standard Duty

    The 8568-A4 Alemite Medium-Pressure Stub Pump is designed for medium pressure industrial applications, featuring exceptional reliability and service life. Features 2-7/16" (62mm) diameter air motor Handles 10, 20 and 30W oils Will mount to 1 1/2 (38mm) suction tube from remote tank Double toggle air valve trip mechanism prevents binding

  • Alemite Pneumatic Industrial Oil Pumps

    Alemite Industrial Oil Pumps are designed to deliver fluids through long delivery lines or to multiple dispensing points, and are built for continuous use.