Lubrication Systems

Allube specialise in the design and installation of oil & grease lubrication systems. With over 35 years experience we can design bespoke lubrication systems to meet our customer’s specific requirements. Allube have many years design experience in dual line systems, progressive systems and single line systems.

We use only the best quality lubrication equipment and systems for our customers. A popular manufacturer we use is Lincoln; now part of the SKF Group. They provide systems for industrial application ranging from single, multi and dual-line to progressive systems.

Another brand we use is Dropsa, who have been producing centralized lubrication systems since 1946. They offer a complete line of standard and custom distribution feeders, pumps, controls, auxiliary equipment and fixtures to build and support almost every kind of lubrication system.

Single-line lubrication systems

For small-to-medium line length and almost all lubricants

Regardless of the application, the principle of single-line lubrication remains the same: a central pump station automatically delivers lubricant through a single supply line to the lubricant metering device. Each metering device serves only one lubrication point and may be adjusted to deliver the precise amount of grease or oil required.

Systems can service one machine, different zones on one machine or even several separate machines.

Dual-line lubrication systems

For use on large machines, effective in harsh conditions

Dual-line systems dispense a precise, metered amount of lubricant to up to 2 000 lubrication points over long distances up to 120 m (131 yd) and more. Even if one pair of outlets becomes blocked inside one metering device, dual-line systems provide sufficient lubrication for the rest of the system’s lubrication points. Lubricant volume can be metered individually for each pair of outlets and can be monitored visually or electrically.


Progressive lubrication systems

For small to medium sized machines that require continuous lubrication

Progressive systems provide continuous lubrication as long as the pump is in operation. Once the pump stops, the pistons of the progressive metering device will stop in their current positions. When the pump starts supplying lubricant again, the pistons will carry on where they left. Therefore, the progressive circuit of one outlet of the pump will stop when only one lubrication point is blocked. The blockage serves as a means of control and forces personnel to service the system.

Only one outlet of a primary or a secondary metering device of one pump outlet can be monitored visually or electrically, depending on the chosen metering device.

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