Chemical and Material Handling

  • Alemite Light – Medium Duty Pumps

    Alemite Class 1 and 2 Pumps are designed to handle light to medium fluids (5 to 4,000 cp) such as inks, flavoring and oils. The double ball downtube ensures positive priming for reliable operation. Recommended for dispensing applications.

  • Alemite Light – Heavy Duty Pumps

    Alemite Light - Heavy Duty Pumps - Alemite 1, 2, and 3 Pumps are designed for pumping light to heavy fluids including coatings, oils, sealants and sound deadeners. Recommended for dispensing, extruding and spraying applications.

  • Alemite Medium Heavy Duty Pumps

    Alemite Medium Heavy Duty Pumps - Alemite Class 2, 3 and 4 Pumps are designed for medium to heavy fluids and medium semi-fluids, including adhesives, sealants, dough and pastes. Power piston downtube combines the priming advantages of a ball check with the performance of an upper chop check to handle heavier