Dropsa Pumps

  • Dropsa Prismart Pump

    Dropsa PRISMART O for oil and PRISMART FG for fluid grease are a pump package for integrated low cost OEM application. These pumps are ideal for application in Single Line, typically 33V injector systems.

  • Dragon Pump

    Due to their compactness and flexibility, the Dragon pump series are particularly suitable for feeding lubrication systems in presses, machine tools, reduction units, guides, chains, and more. The pump unit is a gear pump and there are two available sizes. Thanks to a wide range of electric motors and reservoirs, the

  • Dropsa 989 Pump Series

    The Dropsa 989 Pump series in compact and low cost. Ideal for applications on small-medium size machine tools.

  • Dropsa Mini Sumo Pump

    Dropsa Mini Sumo Pump - A compact grease pump package that maintains the features, proven reliability and accessory range of the sumo pump series.

  • Dropsa Bravo Pump

    Dropsa Bravo Pump - The small pump package with big features. It is suited for not only indoor applications but also mobile plant and vehicle lubrication systems. VARIO-Drive is a new power management system for the pump motor that protects and adjusts the pumping system electronically. This means the pump

  • Dropsa 156000 Series Oil/Grease Pumps

    A range of manually operated pumps for use with dual line lubrication systems. The pumps are equipped with a built in reversing device. They are suitable for either oil or grease with a lubricant discharge of 3,4 cc, for each forward and return movement of the control lever. The pressure