Lincoln Metering Devices

lincoln metering devices

Lincoln Metering Devices

Lincoln metering devices. SSV progressive metering devices are piston-type metering devices which reliably dispense the lubricant volume fed to the inlet in predetermined single quantities. SSV-D metering devices are adjustable per outlet pair. The metering occurs within the metering block via metering screws that are available in different sizes. The output of the progressive metering device can be easily changed, even after installation. SSVM metering devices offer similar benefits as the SSV, but are smaller in size and output. This makes the SSVM ideal for compact applications – little space and short distances. The SSV-FL is based on the standard SSV, flanged to a manifold block. Ideal for rigorous conditions such as those found in steel plants. This design allows for connections up to dia.10 mm tubing. Additionally, the metering devices can easily be exchanged during maintenance routines without having to disconnect lubricant lines thus saving valuble time.

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