The Problem

To design a system for providing through-tool coolant and air line lubricant, to a Quackenbush pneumatic drilling machine, from a single portable unit. This would reduce the number of pieces of equipment and delivery hoses, to be carried to the workplace. This would improve Health and Safety for the drill operatives.

Design Parameters

  1. The units had to be portable and weigh less than 15Kg.
  2. The units had to be rugged.
  3. The equipment had to be easily calibrated to ensure consistency of fluid delivery.
  4. The coolant pumps had to be suitable for a wide range of different fluids.
  5. The fluid reservoirs had to be visible by the operators to ensure that ‘dry running’ could be avoided.
  6. The principle of ‘one hose in’ and ‘one hose out’ had to be adopted.
  7. The operation of the units had to be fully pneumatic and had to operate ‘only’ when the drilling machine operated.

the Allube design solution..


  1. The complete assembly weighs 13 Kg.
  2. They are built into standard steel enclosures, with steel carry handle, aluminium supports with high density rubber feet. Along with four high strength heavy duty magnets, to allow them to be mounted next to steel structures on the machines, to ensure stability.
  3. The minimum quantity lubrication pumping technology, applied to the units have simple ‘thumb-bit’ setting adjusters, along with air pressure regulation of the mixed coolant outlet.
  4. The steel enclosure incorporates a clear polycarbonate ‘window’ in the door for easy visual checking of the fluid reservoirs.
  5. One air-inlet delivery hose is used, with a twinned outlet hose for the air line lubricant and coolant feed.
  6. The system is fully pneumatically operated. It will ‘stand idle’ when connected to an air supply, until the drilling operation begins, where it will immediately deliver lubricant to the air motor and coolant to the drill tip, via the ‘through tool’ principle.