Vaillant UK

The Problem

To design a self contained system, to apply lubricant to the ends of different pieces of pipe and fittings, during component assembly of boilers at different sections of the production lines.

Design Parameters

  1. The units had to be compact and not encroach into the workplace, beyond the ‘cell’ area footprint.
  2. The system had to apply an even coating of lubricant around the ‘pipe ends’, to allow the fitting of ‘o’ rings or to ease the insertion of the pipes into the boiler assemblies.
  3. The system had to be easily adjustable, so that it could be used in different areas on different sized work-pieces.
  4. The application of the lubricant had to be done in a ‘one shot’ way to ensure the assembly speed was not interrupted.
  5. Any over-spray of lubricant had to be contained within the assembly and collectable for disposal.

the Allube design solution..


  1. The system has a footprint of only 400mm x 300mm x 150mm.
  2. The system utilises minimum quantity lubrication technology, with dual outlets and twin ‘fan tip’ spray nozzles.
  3. The system uses ‘thumb bit’ adjusters on the micro pumps, for output adjustment, along with an air pressure regulator to set the desires spray pressure, to apply the lubricant evenly onto the work-pieces.
  4. The system is fully pneumatic and operates when the work-piece is inserted to ‘depress’ a plunger, which initiates a lubrication cycle, as the plunger reaches it’s set point.
  5. The enclosure is drained into a container, which can be easily removed for disposal or re-cycling.