Dropsa Level Sensors

Dropsa Level Sensors

  • Oil & Fluid Lubrication
  • Working Temperature -20 °C TO + 70 C°
  • Built-in Trimmer
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Infrared Light
  • LED Indicator Green

The Infrared refractive Sensor Level is a compact sensor designed for OEM application that allows to detect the presence of lubricants or other liquids in reservoir or containers.

Features & Benefits

  • This sensor uses a simple operating principle based on the refraction of the Infrared light emitted by the sender towards the receiver.
  • When fluid is present between the transmitter and receiver infrared light is refracted (or completely blocked) by the fluid and the intensity detected by the receiver changes.
  • Power supply 8 ÷ 28 Vdc Reverse polarity
  • Short circuit protection INCLUDED
  • Output signal 1,7 A PNP/NPN
  • LED Indicator Green
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Part No

  • 1639201
  • 1639202


  • 111mm
  • 204mm


  • Infrared level sensor
  • Infrared level sensor

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