Customer Requirements:


  1. To replace the existing out of date system.
  2. To have the system, driven, independently from the inlet water pump.
  3. To have system monitoring, to inform operators of any faults which may arise, during lubrication cycles.
  4. To have a tidy, compact installation, with measures taken to avoid the ingress of contamination of the lubricant.
  5. To have a ‘quick disconnect’ point, where the system connects to the water pump.
    This to allow the easy isolation of the water pump for maintenance.

the Allube design solution..

  1. An enclosed pumping system, electrically driven with single outlet pumping unit and grease divider valve.
  2. Remote mounting of the enclosure, away from the bed plate of the water pump.
  3. Mains power, ‘tied in’ to the main water pump control circuit, so the system is ‘live’ when the water pump is running.
  4. System monitoring via a proximity switch on the grease divider valve, signalling the control unit. Pump output pressure gauge and grease inlet filtration.
  5. Volt free alarm contacts, which are connected directly to the operations control room.
  6. Alarm ‘beacon’, mounted on the exterior of the enclosure, to visually signal an alarm condition.
  7. Self contained filling system. Trolley mounted, air operated grease pump and small electrically driven compressor. Complete with cable reel, long enough to connect from the power supply in the switch room.
  8. Quick release couplings at the water pump.