Over the years these saws have moved from local control and visual inspection, to remote control and surveillance screen monitoring.

The Problem

The old system was very basic with a pump and manual needle valve flow adjusters, from a common flow manifold. There was no in-line oil filtration, other than a basic oil strainer on the delivery manifold. Without visual inspection of the sight glasses in each bearing feed, no one knew if oil was actually going to each of the bearings

Customer requirements

  1. Good filtration of the recirculating oil, with filter blockage alarm switching outputs to the control room
  2. Improved control of the oil flow to each bearing.
  3. Real time monitoring of those oil flows to each individual bearing.
  4. Low flow and high flow alarm outputs to the control room, for each bearing feed.
  5. Electrical output for high and low system pressure output to the control room.
  6. New individual bearing feed pipework.

Allube solution…

ALLUBE have been able to deliver all of the above, to two billet hot saws, utilising the SKF Safeflow equipment, which controls and monitors the oil flow to each bearing, in ‘real time’.

A new pumping station with 10 micron filtration and filter blockage alarm, along with pressure gauge and pressure switch. These are all mounted into a sturdy steel frame and a stainless steel enclosure to house the Safeflow console.

Individual delivery hoses and new CDS steel pipework completes the picture.






For more information on the SKF Safeflow flow meters contact Chris Wood on 0114 2454979 or email