Airbus UK, A 380

The Problem

To design a compact mobile system, where there are to be four, combined fluid dispensers. These are to be used to facilitate one operators ability to run four ‘Quackenbush’ pneumatic drilling machines, at the same time. This will make safe the working area by reducing the number of hoses laid on the floor area, each causing a significant trip hazard. It will also increase the fluid storage, increasing the length of time that the drilling machines can be operated. The successful outcome of this project will increase safety and productivity.

Design Parameters

  1. The system needs to be fully mobile and easy to manoeuvre.
  2. The overall dimensions had to be within set height and width limits, due to the lift access to the work area.
  3. Output hoses had to be ‘enclosed’ across the walkway of the work area.
  4. Fluid and compressed air outputs had to match the original single units, from one air source.
  5. Fluid reservoirs needed to be a minimum of 6 litres, with easy visual indication of fluid levels.
  6. Calibration of the individual combined fluid dispensers had to be easy to carry out, with all adjusters and pressure gauges easy to access and adjust.
  7. The system had to be suitable for a variety of different cutting fluids, which would be tested during trial operations.

the Allube design solution..


  1. The complete assembly is mounted upon a 3 wheeled rigid steel chassis. This with a single ‘rear wheel’ steering and locking brake.
  2. The assembly is completed with an overall width of 840mm and a height of 1800mm, allowing easy access to and from the workplace.
  3. The output hoses are caged in a steel ‘skeleton’ frame as they exit the assembly. This is hinged on two bearing at the base. This frame is long enough to cross the walkway area of the workplace.
  4. Fluid reservoirs are 6 litre for the air line oil and 12 litre for the cutting oil, in shock resistant PVC.
  5. All adjusters are easily accessible from the open side of the assembly, when the main canopy cover is removed.
  6. All sealing materials are ‘Viton’ and suitable for the full range of fluids to be used.




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